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What Converging Technologies mean for less technologically developped countries

  As I received several¬† Government calls (and several anonymous calls) for reveling this information, please ask Martin Schulz or Jean-Claude Juncker, or any EU officials publicly how they use “converging technologies”! This is a completely¬† relevant area of scientific research (I have cited 3 serious reports, incl European Parliament one) and due to the serious economic crimes I mention, I was threatened to be sent in a mental clinic for revealing scientific advancements. This is a complete violation of my human rights. If you support me please like my profile at Facebook     Converging Technology developments in Nano-Info-Bio-Cogno (NBIC) are bringing substantial changes in the world order. This could explain a substantial part of the observed world economic crisis and the increasing divergence within countries and some part of the world. The … Read entire article »


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